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Growing up in Azerbaijan, Lustre founder and designer Lena Torchikova’s interest in art and design was inspired by her country’s rich heritage. Following the collapse of the USSR, finding good quality fashionable clothes was virtually impossible so Lena decided to design and make her own. Through secondary school and into her college years, Lena was regarded as a pioneer amongst her friends, designing and creating unique clothing as Azerbaijan transitioned to independence. Her creativity was always encouraged and supported by her father who was a jazz musician and loved painting in his spare time.
Lena’s design passion turned to glassware after moving to the Czech Republic in her 20s, excited by the country’s world-leading artisan glassmakers and exceptional indigenous glass. She then relocated to London to set up Lustre, designing and creating glass pendant lights for a wide range of interiors that celebrate and promote this rich heritage.
As a designer, Lena draws her inspiration from natural forms and the lavish brilliance of traditional architecture and glassware. Lustre’s stunning pendant ceiling lights have a self-conscious simplicity, both contemporary and classic at the same time. A must-have affordable luxury for any space. 

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